HR Cloud Software Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 2 days ago, Apps and Software

HR Cloud

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Verdict: HR Cloud is a godsend for those who are after something convenient for HR management. It not only optimizes the relevant processes and helps in onboarding, but also creates a friendly atmosphere in the team. I like that the software covers all the HR needs, regardless of the company’s field or size.

One of its main advantages is that you do not have to buy the full-packaged program. If you only need a specific module, then you can buy only it and operate it separately from the other modules.

  • Workers’ self-service
  • Deep HR management
  • Modules can be purchased separately
  • E-Sign tools
  • Completely secure
  • No price list on site
hr cloud interface

The tool surpasses its competitors due to the super-friendly UI that allows tracking, analyzing, and editing of key data about the employees of the entire team.

The teams appreciate this software for its advanced and robust Core HR software, which makes worker data management available anytime, anywhere with cloud storage. You can also style the portal to match your corporate identity. To learn more about the program’s services, benefits and prices read my detailed HR Cloud review to the end.

HR Cloud – Main Benefits

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HR Cloud is a trusted provider of full-scale HR tools based on a single customizable HRMS/HRIS platform. Your company’s size and field will not become an obstacle – among its clients you can notice both a small cozy cafeteria and large corporations around the globe. This service is considered to be the quality standard for all HR products.

The developers managed to make time- and effort-savvy software, and now even such large companies as Toyota are cooperating with them. Get rid of the worries about the safety of your confidential data and protection – this is a matter of paramount importance for HR Cloud.

Intuitive Interface for Better Performance

The first thing indicating a high level of this service is a simple and user-friendly interface. You can customize it and drag and drop the blocks to create your perfect workspace. It is also worth noting the color scheme, which is not like typical office software. It’s not boring, but it’s not distracting either.

The main menu is located on the left and is highlighted in a dark color. You can hide it so that it does not take up much space on the screen. The workspace is dominated by infographics. You will find here various checkpoints, diagrams, and progress bars simplifying the workflow. Even if you are a beginner, it will not be difficult for you to deal with this solution.

Easy Integration with Popular Business Services

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HR Cloud is integrated with many third-party services. Among the basic ones, you will find Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 to name a few. Thanks to this, you can transfer information in one click and schedule meetings with partners without giving them access to the software.

Among the pro-grade software, there is integration with Automatic Data Processing. Pulling ADP info from ADP Celergo and similar platforms directly to HR Cloud is a breeze – just one click and importing is done. What’s more, it allows creating recurring imports to get fresh data daily.

Here you can also find other ready-made integrations that will come in handy for many, e.g. Okta and other analogs of accounting programs, various job boards, payroll management programs, and many others. Integration with any other platform not listed is also available.

Customer Driven Team

Being customer-centric, HR Cloud tries its best to bring team collaboration to a whole new level. Many global companies have already become trusted with them, which indicates high reliability. It does not matter whether you have just opened your business or you manage a corporate giant – this service will take care of the comfort and atmosphere of your team.

The team will not sell you too much but will select solutions based on the tasks that have accumulated in your company. What’s more, you can always get support via email or personal chat. The managers are always friendly, create a fun and friendly environment and respond quickly during the working day. I like that their work philosophy is built on innovation and development. This enables the creation of trend-setting HR tools to assist every company team.

A Wide Range of Tools to Manage Employee Lifecycle

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Automation of processes, hiring, and onboarding – all of this will be available to you with HR Cloud modules without effort. The Recruit module helps managers quickly and easily create branded vacancies, customize letters, manage applications and compare them to select the best candidates.

Features helping newcomers to onboard are great at automating workflows, which boost an employee’s efficiency as early as their first working day. Every newcomer can enter the self-service portal, created according to his tasks, and get learn the references to get started smoothly. With the help of the I-9/E-Verify service, the HR manager can check whether a worker meets the job requirements online. This simple yet effective approach guarantees compliance with the law.

The People module looks like contact management software and is aimed at data and HR management. It is here that all information about a person and a company is stored. Using these modules, you can finally get rid of dozens of folders and collect the necessary information in one place.

Space for Creating Strong Collaboration and Productivity

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There are several modules for performance management. The Time off module not only displays the current state of vacations across the company but also allows employees to request time off with just one click.

The Workmates module does a great job of engaging and recognizing newcomers. Here you can set up a personalized news feed filled with important news and useful information. This module comes with Inbox, through which you can send an email or call any team member directly from HR Cloud. By creating individual or team chats, you can significantly improve the work on a specific project by entrusting it to certain employees in a separate chat.

This allows you to distribute individual files or entire folders to persons or groups. The module is also equipped with a handy text editor that any participant can use to create or edit, but only within his competence. This is the space where the whole company is connected by communication and this is a perfect option for remote teams.

Informative Blog Articles

In general, the company’s website has a lot of information about cases and success stories. However, the most informative part of it is the blog. It will be useful to both owners and managers and employees. Here you can find tips on using the company’s software, as well as general articles on how to choose the best candidate and make your work in the company as productive as possible.

HR Cloud Prices

On their website, you can book a free demo to understand whether this or that module suits you. For prices, it is better to write to the team directly.

Similar Products

Today there is no direct competitor on the market that could exactly repeat and offer all the tools as in HR Cloud. Due to the extended feature set and numerous integrations combined with a simple workflow, you can hardly find an alternative. Some options offer single software, without separate modules, or programs that do not support additional integrations. So, these alternatives don’t allow recreating the process of communication and data exchange as in described software.