HiDef Pixel Photographer Review

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Photographer

HiDef Pixel Photographer Review

HiDef Pixel is a famous name in the photography world. This photographer is known for his unique style. Read this review to learn about his methods, main genres of photography, photo and video shooting techniques and post-production methods.

HiDef Pixel Photographer: Biography

hidef pixel website

There is not much personal information about the founder of the HiDef Pixel site. Even his real name remains a secret as it is not mentioned on the website or on his social media. He works in many genres, such as portrait, boudoir, wedding, product, and real estate photography. He has worked with famous brands, such as The Source Magazine, True and Pure Texture, XXL, Revlon, Rivente’, and others.

Main Genres

On the HiDef Pixel website, you will see a lot of portrait photographs. You can analyze details, angles, and other aspects of his portrait technique. However, the artist is also successful in other genres.


hidef pixel portrait

By looking at the photographs on his website, you can reveal some common features inherent in each genre. This photographer has a unique style that sets him apart from others. Bright and saturated colors dominate his pictures. You will rarely see many pastel shades in his photographs.


hidef pixel maternity

Maternity photography is a kind of portrait shooting. The photographer does not follow traditional techniques and does not use classic poses. He uses unique angles and ideas. Looking at his photos of pregnant women, you will notice his models look sexy.


hidef pixel nude

Nude photography are among the photographer's favorite genres. He took some incredible photos for the XXL magazine that have made him famous in this genre.

The photographer uses very bright and often contrasting colors when taking erotic images. The simple, bright backgrounds are not cluttered with unnecessary things. As for nude retouching, he professionally retouches hair, skin, and lips as well as uses individual sculpting techniques to emphasize the shapes. You can also often see shiny elements in his pictures. The photographer pays special attention to their texture when editing his images.

High Fashion

hidef pixel fashion

Fashion photography is another passion of the artist. The photographer uses various erotic shooting techniques and fashion elements. His pictures in this genre look incredibly attractive, have a subtle aesthetic, and meet all the requirements of commercial photography.

Live Wedding Pictures

hidef pixel wedding

Although the HiDef Pixel photographer does not specialize in subject photos, he sometimes takes images in the wedding photography genre. When photographing weddings, he avoids staging his photographs. The photographer captures only natural poses and feelings.

He also focuses on wedding accessories and details, such as shoes, bouquets, rings, dress patterns, and the like. When editing his photos, he makes minimal changes to the pictures. He often uses black&white, blurring, and darkening effects, which he applies very carefully.

Real Estate

hidef pixel architecture

Real estate photography is one of the areas the photographer specializes in. In particular, he pays special attention to architecture photography. To achieve an unusual artistic look, he uses a variety of camera angles. If he wants to add volume to the picture, he focuses on the texture of building materials.

Products and Ads

hidef pixel product

Besides, the HiDef Pixel photographer specializes in commercial photography. He is the author of several successful projects for well-known brands. If you have a visual concept for your product, he can create high-quality content for your ad campaign or online store.

On the website, you can find examples of works in the product photography genre. These are images created for famous cosmetics and alcohol brands. Photos were shot and edited in accordance with all requirements of this genre. If you want to start the collaboration with a photographer, you need to discuss all the details individually. Keep in mind that he primarily photographs premium products.

Food Images

hidef pixel food

Food photography and some other genres are not his favorites, but he sometimes takes photos in these genres. In these images, you will see vivid and vibrant color combinations.

Professional Editing Features

hidef pixel sample of work

For the photographer, both framing and image post-processing are equally important. His portrait images have a simple, solid background that does not distract a viewer's attention from the subject. Some shots have blurry multicolor or a small-patterned background. As a rule, he uses such solutions to create a certain artistic effect.

He accurately performs face and hair retouching. The artist gives the skin a light tan effect with a slight bronze tint. He can remove a variety of skin and facial imperfections, including scars, wrinkles, redness, acne, and others. Using photo editing software, he enhances the hair color, adds the necessary shades, increases the volume, etc.

Light and shadow effects are very common in his work. He often uses unusual combinations of bright highlights and dense, harsh shadows. Plus, the photographer focuses on the textures of the materials and the detail in his images.

Post-processing of architectural images is usually done in a black-and-white or monochrome style. On his website, you can also find color photographs with incredibly deep blue skies.

portrait photo retouching sample portrait photo retouching sample

HiDef Pixel: Video Production

He also specializes in staging, filming and post-processing. The photographer creates both advertising video clips and social projects. Working on his videos, the artist takes into account the technical features of the brand and the basic idea of a project.

On his website, you can find some animated pictures based on his photos. As a rule, the photographer creates such interesting animations for social networks. You can also watch special videos that the author creates from various pictures taken during photo sessions.

If you are unable to edit your videos as professionally as the owner of the HiDef Pixel site, you can contact the FixThePhoto team and order video editing services. Their video editors will cope with tasks of any complexity, including color correction, noise removal, video enhancement with effects, and more.

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