Growcer Ecommerce Platform Review 2022: Pros And Cons


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Verdict: Growcer is a special e-commerce platform, which you can use to arrange your grocery marketplace in a quick and trouble-free way. It contains lots of handy tools, which allow managing the tasks of an admin, a vendor, and a delivery staff. The platform has no geographical limitations, so you can manage your grocery business and sell products all over the globe.

Though Growcer was initially developed as a grocery store service, the range of its features has expanded greatly over time, so now different types of businesses use the platform to reach more clients. Thus, if you create products and want to develop a solid distribution system, you can start by using an ecommerce website builder and then strengthen your position by addressing Growcer.

  • Convenient navigation
  • Optimized for different devices
  • Allows linking a website with social networks
  • Mainly aimed at online grocery stores
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Growcer is a go-to e-commerce platform for many businesses, even those belonging to the creative sphere.

If you are a photographer, who not only takes images, but also sells different products – unique presets and filters, licensed copies of photos, shooting equipment, etc., you can also take advantage of the service. I will describe the selling process in more detail in this Growcer review.

Growcer - Main Features

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The highlight of the service is its intuitive cataloging system. You only need to add related products into a catalog, which potential buyers can look through and choose a suitable offer. For instance, you can make a catalog with your photography services, providing details about each of them.

Another catalog can contain tools for editing or other products you want to sell. Make sure to add all the needed details, so that buyers will see a product, read the description, and add it to a shopping cart without hesitation. There are several payment methods to choose from.

Besides, Growcer has great delivery options. If a person buys a gift certificate for a photo session and wants to present it to his/her friend or a relative, he/she can order target delivery right to the needed person. With such features, Growcer is deservedly called the best e-commerce website builder for photographers.

Fast and Convenient Tool for Creating an Online Store

growcer store launching

If you already have a website with information about your professional activity as a photographer, listed projects you carried out, and your unique shooting style, you should think about creating a separate online store. Having a stand-alone website, where clients can make a purchase and transfer money, adds to your positive image of a trustworthy photographer.

If using open-source ecommerce platforms isn’t an option for you because you don’t want to configure different parameters manually, you can address Growcer. The company provides businesses and individuals with a ready-to-use ecommerce platform, and can assist with different adjustments.

Your task is to explain what products you want to sell via Growcer grocery ecommerce platform. This can be presets and actions, photos, etc. The company’s experts will create an online store based on your demands and will send you a demo version for approval. If you like the outcome, they will launch an online store in 3-4 business days on your server.

Adaptive Design for an Ecommerce Platform

growcer adaptive design

There is hardly a person, who doesn’t use a mobile phone for this or that task. That’s why it is very important to have an online store that works flawlessly both on desktops and mobile devices.

With this in mind, Growcer ecommerce development company makes and launches online stores with adaptive design. Besides, the agency makes purpose-built apps for iOS and Android devices, so people can easily browse the lineup of photography products and make a purchase. 

Integration with Other Web Resources

growcer platforms integration

Though Growcer isn’t a full-featured digital marketing agency, it adheres to some principles such companies follow. First of all, Growcer analyzes client’s available resources in order to develop a strategy based on them. For example, if you have a website with a particular style, which can also be traced in your media accounts, these experts will make a web store using this style as a core.

The team studies a website and social media accounts, paying special attention to details and using them down the road. Besides, they can add links to your website and social networks right to your online store, so that clients can learn more about your business and order other services.

Additional Earnings for the Photographer on the Platform

growcer additional earning opportunities

If you don’t have a large collection of products for sale, but want to start an online e-commerce business, it makes sense to cooperate with other specialists and built a joint store. For instance, you can address retouchers, video post-production experts, and other photographers, and discuss the idea of making a single online store, where you all will sell your products in different sections.

Such a multi-vendor photography affiliate program reduces the number of risks you take while running a business. Besides, it guarantees multiple benefits – detailed reports and statistics, advanced product catalog system, commission and tax management, numerous revenue channels, smart delivery options, great subscription terms, customizable email sending, access to ratings and clients’ reviews, and more.

Since Growcer uses high-quality ecommerce shopping cart software, you can include corporate orders in the list of your services. Besides, the possibility to share a cart with several users makes it possible to accept bulk orders.

Another way to earn some money is to provide a platform for advertising. You can draw up contracts with other companies (for example, brands of photographic equipment, photo processing agencies, photo studios, etc.), set your own requirements and prices. Plus, to increase your online presence, you can also partner with other online stores and place your ad banners on their websites.

Informative Blog for Creatives to Develop Their Business

growcer blog

Growcer grocery ecommerce platform also has a blog with many useful recommendations on how to develop your brand using online e-commerce resources. You will find articles about the working routine of online marketers, ideas for an online store, detailed description of new services, ecommerce image optimization tips for beginners and more.

Besides, there is a FAQ section, which is worth checking out if you have any questions. The portfolio part contains various cases of web store development for various niches. So, you can look through previous projects, in order to better formulate your request.

Growcer Prices

You can choose from 3 main pricing packages: GoQuick ($499), GoCustom ($4499), GoUnlimited ($4999). They differ in the range of services, the development and launching time, and well as the intended purpose. For example, the most expensive package is oriented toward IT companies, web solution providers, and freelancers.

If you are interested in an app for iOS and Android, you can order this service for $399.