Geoxis Company Review 2022: Pros And Cons


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Verdict: Geoxis develops web and mobile applications for clients from different industries. The company works with photographers and other creative people. It provides a wide range of graphic design, e-commerce, digital marketing, search engine optimization services.

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geoxis website

Geoxis Marketplace will create an online marketplace that can be used for selling services and products. The marketplace has an easy navigation system and allows users to search by sellers, brands, prices, categories, and subcategories.

Geoxis Main Features

geoxis logo

Geoxis can build a brand from scratch. Besides, it provides business positioning and rebranding services. A team of web and graphic designers, software developers, marketers, and other specialists work closely with customers to create solutions that meet their needs.

If you are a photographer and want to create a website or mobile application with a design that matches your signature style, Geoxis is your choice. The team will do everything to help you get a satisfactory outcome.

Development of Creative Websites for Photographers

geoxis website design

The company develops user-focused websites that meet clients’ business needs. Since the team strives to combine modern technology with creativity, it can build a website that matches your style.

Geoxis creates sites with a responsive design and fast load time. You could hardly achieve it with the well-known website builders for photographers. The company also provides WordPress services, including plugin development. It uses a variety of WordPress photography themes and can convert PSD documents into WordPress ones, etc.

The specialists develop and launch e-commerce platforms to help photographers monetize their businesses. E-commerce sites stand out with great functionality. To get the most out of them, you need to start a photography business with WooCommerce.

Specialized Program and Application Creation

geoxis software and apps

The agency provides software, application, and browser extension development services. You can ask them to develop custom programs or business software to help you solve some specific goals.

Since most people actively use mobile devices, you can order photography business apps for Android, iOS, and iPad. You can also order various applications that allow you to solve creative tasks, add effects, and enhance your content.

Moreover, you can order applications that will increase your income. For example, your customers might need to use a photo frame app and similar ones to edit a picture before posting it on social media.

Digital Marketing for Effective Web Promotion

geoxis digital marketing

Being one of the best digital marketing agencies, Geoxis provides a range of services. The team will develop a marketing strategy to promote your products on social media for photographers. It also specializes in email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization.

Geoxis will help you promote your services on the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest. If you already have profiles and prefer to develop them on your own, you can contact the agency for consultation.

These experts will help you with Instagram marketing tools for rapid growth and tell you how to register a selling account in various social networks. They also provide useful photography marketing tips.

Personalized Graphic Design Services for Brand Photographers

geoxis graphic design

Geoxis develops graphic materials for promoting a photographer’s personal brand. The experts will create high-quality logos, business cards, flyers, various letterheads, brochures, and other content upon request. If you have your own graphic design ideas, make sure to mention them so that the designers meet your requirements.

When creating logos, banners, and other materials, the team always provides several options at no additional cost. You can choose the one that meets your requirements. Besides, you can ask for minor edits if the overall result suits you, but you would like a different font, etc.

Additional Marketplace Features

geoxis marketplace

Geoxis is one of the most convenient marketplaces for selling physical and digital products. This is an ideal solution for photographers. You can post information about your photoshoots and products, including preset collections, albums, etc.

Since the marketplace has a large audience, your products and services can attract many potential customers. The service is very convenient both for selling your projects and buying the necessary photo equipment, programs, templates, etc.

Geoxis Prices

Since Geoxis offers a wide range of services, the final price will depend on your needs. A manager will contact you to discuss the services that you need and tell you the price. It can vary based on different factors, including the complexity of a project, deadlines, special requirements, the involvement of third-party specialists, etc.