Fashion4artphoto Review 2021: Biography & Examples

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photographer

Veronika Radkevich is an experienced fashion and traveling photographer, who used her knowledge and skills to create Fashion4artphoto agency. She takes images worldwide, but currently lives in Miami.

Veronika usually divides her work into 2 separate parts. First of all, she perceives photography as a money-bringing activity, which refers to a commercial part. She takes wedding and e-commerce fashion shots for different clients.

Fashion4artphoto: Biography

fashion4artphoto examples

The founder of Fashion4artphoto was born in Belarus, Minsk, and there she spent her childhood. When Veronika got older, she started to experiment with various creative photography ideas and eventually moved to Paris to try a hand at taking fashion images as a full-time photographer. In 2017, she traveled to Miami and settled there down.

She believes that the main part of her work is to show people’s genuine emotions and feelings. Her knowledge of English and Russian is very helpful for setting models in a relaxed and cheerful mood.

fashion4artphoto portfolio

Fashion4artphoto portfolio proves her expertise in the main photography genres. She frequently visits different countries, so you can see images taken in Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, France, the USA, Russia, and Belarus. Veronika is free to choose objects she wants to show and highlight those elements she likes.

Fashion4artphoto: Main Genres

People, who address Fashion4artphoto agency, usually look for an experienced wedding photographer, who can capture the most emotional moments of their celebration. Veronika really likes photographing newlyweds, their guests, and families (which is obvious from her portfolio), be she also experiments with other genres.


fashion4artphoto weddings

Being in the industry for more than 7 years, Veronika has developed her unique approach to the shooting. Actually, she likes mixing reportage style with a kind of staged photography, which results in candid, love story photos that won’t lose their appeal over time.

She always has interesting wedding photo ideas and helps her clients with winning wedding photography poses. Thus, newlyweds can feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of their Big Day.

fashion4artphoto shooting weddings

Looking through her portfolio, you’ll notice that she follows the main wedding photography tips, which involve using different lenses for wedding photography depending on the conditions, focusing on details, keeping tabs on exposure, etc.

Besides, she always signs wedding photography contract to eliminate possible misunderstandings and make cooperation with clients totally enjoyable.

fashion4artphoto engagement

In addition to wedding photo sessions, Veronika is actively engaged in engagement photography. In this case, she also focuses on sincere emotions. She provides her clients with pictures that tell the story, so that they can recollect every detail of that day.


fashion4artphoto portraits

As a portrait photographer, Veronika also chases genuine emotions. She helps clients with poses, choosing those that perfectly match their inner being, current mood, and temper.

fashion4artphoto maternity

Another sphere she achieved fame in is maternity photography. While taking images of mothers-to-be, she shows the beauty of their new state in a very gentle manner. Veronika believes that every pregnant lady is a superwoman and her photos prove that.


fashion4artphoto fashion shooting

Veronika Radkevich also practices fashion photography, presenting every male and female model in a lively, dynamic, and realistic way. She finds interesting details in every person and focuses on them to highlight his/her individuality. The best thing is that all textures, colors, and shapes remain lifelike.

fashion4artphoto fashion pictures

She often works for companies that need a coherent advertising campaign. This means that all images Veronika takes must share the same tone and style in the clothes or makeup of models.

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fashion4artphoto events shooting

Many people address Fashion4artphoto when they need a professional to document their upcoming event. In fact, event photography is Veronika’s passion, so no wonder she became very successful in this field. 

fashion4artphoto events pictures

She knows that taking images of events is a challenging task, but if you mull everything over in advance, there is nothing to worry about. She is well aware of how to frame groups of people, what angles to choose, how to organize the process, and what people to photograph first.

Product and Food

fashion4artphoto products shooting

Product photography is in high demand nowadays, because everybody selling products need high-quality photos to lure buyers. Veronika believes that a good product photo should give customers a vivid feeling that they know everything about this product and really need it. The power of product images is even more important for online trading businesses.

fashion4artphoto food shooting

Since Veronika strives for personal growth, she has also tried taking food images. This sphere requires using numerous food photography tricks, because ingredients quickly lose their appetizing look, so you need to find an alternative.

Editing Style

fashion4artphoto editing style

When the shooting is over, the photographer gets down to editing. She usually starts with skin retouching, as the process is time-consuming and tricky. She never exerts herself to create a perfect skin tone; she thinks her main task is to remove skin defects and slightly adjust the tone.

Veronika is a fan of clean editing. This involves setting the main parameters – sharpness, color temperature, and clarity, to achieve a balanced look.

fashion4artphoto editing

While editing wedding photos, Veronika uses wedding Lightroom presets and wedding Photoshop actions. For other types of photos, she takes advantage of the must-have Lightroom presets. All in all, she recommends following proven photo editing tips to get professional images.

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