Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation App Review 2022

By Tani Adams 11 days ago, Apps and Software

Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation

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  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free or from $4999

Verdict: Uber App Clone is an on-demand taxi booking app designed to quickly match the passengers with drivers to book a car. Encourage customers to use taxi-hailing services by incorporating this well-elaborated tool into your business.

The app has a straightforward interface and responsive tech support. The support team does its best to fulfill all clientsu2019 expectations and deliver top-tier services.

With smart modules and a slew of features, your clients will have an excellent user experience. Getting support via customer service helps develop your business and ensures income generation. Uber App Clone has broad functionality and is available for Android and iOS.

  • Allows using a code to verify a trip
  • Numerous payment option
  • Personal approach
  • Available for multiple platforms
  • Ready-made option for business development
  • Rare updates
eber taxi and ground transportation app review interface

This on-demand taxi app offers a rich array of useful features, including a transportation management console, chat, review, fare estimation, etc. Both small and large businesses can take advantage of this white-label ride-hailing app choice.

Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation App

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This suite offers applications with web-based panels for clients and drivers, admin dashboard and dispatcher, hotel, partner, and corporate panels to guarantee high-quality ride-hailing services.

Reliable Customer App

A customer app includes functions for booking, paying, and renting a car. It is possible to book a taxi either for a current or future ride. Once a passenger has booked a ride, he/she will receive a verification code by SMS or email. Clients can hire a car for a certain period of time by choosing a vehicle option and desirable package. The app displays the vehicle details, including a license plate number and description of the car.

eber taxi and ground transportation customer app review

Depending on the payment method of a certain taxi-hailing service, a client can pay for a ride either with cash or a debit/credit card. The payment system is highly protected, so there is no need to use anti-spyware software. If for some reason you canu2019t see any vehicle options in your location, you can increase taxi fares by choosing a trip option that best suits your needs. Clients can choose the fixed rate and identify the current and source location to view all car options.

It is possible to enter a promo code to get a discount on a certain trip. Taxi service can give promo codes or attach them to a specific marketing campaign.

Multifunctional Driver App

eber taxi and ground transportation driver app review

The app version for a driver has all the necessary features for convenient work. This package includes a confirmation of registration document and even personal support. A client can select the option to ride right away or arrange a ride in advance and set a schedule. Thus, an Eber driver can manage his/her orders based on the schedule. It is necessary to verify an account using the phone messenger or email to accept the trip request.

There is in-app support for drivers to get assistance regarding the ride service. To get approved by the taxi-hailing service, a driver should provide valid documents, such as vehicle registration, insurance certificate, and personal data of a driver. The privacy policy includes internet security suits and reliably protects data from leakage. This information is required to check whether a driver works legally.

It is possible to track all the earnings using the app. The order history and received funds are saved in a personal account, so a driver can view this info at any time. This function is also available to managers of the service.

Honest Reviews and Rating

rating eber taxi and ground transportation app review

The rating feature allows customers to give stars for a particular Eber driver at the end of the trip. A client can assess the cleanliness of the car, the accuracy of the arrival time, the comfort of the trip, and the driving skills. The rating helps identify incompetent drivers, thereby protecting clients from awkward situations.

Clients can write reviews by describing their riding experience and a driver's attitude to his/her work. The review section doesnu2019t contain any links and is protected from malware so that a rider can express an honest opinion without the need to activate the iOS or Android antivirus app.

These reviews will be displayed in the driver or taxi service account. Anyone who will address this driver or use the service next time can view all customersu2019 reviews.

Accurate Integrated Navigation

navigation eber taxi and ground transportation customer app review

Built-in navigation is no less essential aspect to mention in this Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation app review. The apps for iOS and Android have built-in navigation which is visible to a client and driver. This means that drivers can navigate the clientu2019s location using Google maps without any hassle. Also, it is possible to observe real-time track details and easy access to the destination.

Meanwhile, clients can indicate their location by selecting a point on the map without the need to enter an address in the text field. This is perfect for those, who travel and are in unfamiliar areas. However, Google maps can be updated rarely, so it is recommended to contact the service via a mobile phone.

Useful Built-In Call Option

call option eber taxi and ground transportation customer app review

This app has a built-in call button. To contact a taxi-hailing service, it is necessary to confirm a phone number via an SMS, phone call, or email.

Once the mobile number is verified, a call button will appear in the clientu2019s account. This can be done by copying or tapping the phone number, which will take you to the call screen on your smartphone. Thus, both a driver and a client can check the necessary details. This feature is also available when you contact a dispatcher.

Using the app, clients can get in touch with a taxi driver or dispatcher to ask any questions regarding the taxi services.

Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation App Prices

If you are a client and plan to hire a taxi, then you can use the app for free. However, in case you want to develop your business and want to provide services, then you can choose between two Eber Taxi and Ground Transportation App pricing plans. Advanced package implies a one-time payment of $4999. It includes a lifetime license, an original application for all platforms, web panel, partner panels, and integration with different dictionaries, which makes the app perfect for use anywhere in the world.

Also, this package includes unlimited currency integration. One of the distinct features is tech support for one month, and the ability to connect a personal project manager via Skype.

The cost of the Enterprise Package starts at $5999.00 as a one-time payment. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, a buyer gets access to an open-source customizable application and tech support for 3 months.

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