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Digital Artflow

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Verdict: Digital Artflow is a company that creates interactive design and quoting solutions. The latter involves web-based 2D and 3D products, floor planning systems (mainly for interior design), visualization apps, and their integration with e-commerce sites.

The secret of their success is that they fully focus on lead generation, client interaction, ordering process, and internal/distributor procedures. Unlike other companies, they take up any photography marketing task and develop original strategies for every client.

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The company has an innovative approach to every task. They take leading positions in the development market thanks to successful implementation of new technologies into marketing environment, and automation of processes, which previously required the usage of schemes and formulas.

Digital Artflow expanded its scope of activity by creating custom web apps using WebGL rendering techniques, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other rendering applications. Their pre-made software solutions minimize the time and cost required for realizing different projects.

Complete Digital Artflow Review

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Digital Artflow is an agency engaged in web development and the creation of visually-oriented interactive apps.

The company was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of creating visual web applications for different businesses, including interior design, manufacturing, apparel, real estate, aerospace, photography portfolios, etc. They also develop product configurators, CPQ systems that include 2D and 3D visualization to improve product perception.

Software Decisions of Any Complexity for Photographers

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Digital Artflow develops apps for photographers and provides services to cover particular needs. In their collection of ready-made products, you can find interior design software, various planners, and 3D Product Configurators. The main advantage of the company is that they experiment with new technologies and develop effective software to cater to the needs of a broader range of clients.

They combine ready-made software and custom web apps to level up your business and minimize the costs of various business processes. The company is well aware of what aesthetics and layout techniques are currently in trend. Due to their large experience with UV mapping, they can create realistic textured models in a quick way.

Modern Development Technologies

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Specializing in complex web development, the team uses advanced technologies to get high-quality results and efficient programs with a user-friendly interface and integration. Typically, they use their own platforms designed with modern technologies in mind: three.js for 3D rendering applications, pixi.js an HTML5 engine, WebVR, WebAR as well as different APIs and WebServices for integrations.

I like that being experienced web developers, they don't try to cram different techniques in one project. You can be sure that you will receive only those solutions that are necessary for your project. They use WordPress for a quality Content Management System.

The team consists of real specialists in Laravel, who work on e-commerce projects. They develop websites using popular shopping cart platforms. Their portfolio consists of successful projects developed based on Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Squarespace.

Digital Artflow has created hundreds of furniture and retailer stores, interior design agencies, and other types of businesses. Besides, they easily integrate their software solutions with well-known e-commerce platforms.

Client-Oriented Approach

The team relies on a flexible project management methodology, full transparency, reliability, and accountability for their customers to enjoy the cooperation. They treat each client with respect, being creative and open to new challenges. They consider ethics as their highest priority to establish long-term relationships both internally and externally.

The agency mainly works in such spheres as interior design, food equipment, hospitality, manufacturing, apparel, and aerospace. They have many returning customers, who value the professionalism of the team. Addressing this company, you can count on creative software ideas and quick turnaround.

Rapid Team Development

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The team uses licensed software, which signifies their serious approach to work. They partner with global industry leaders, attend IT conferences to keep up with all modern technologies and contribute to open source frameworks like three.js and pixi.js.

Using the latest technologies, they offer handy tools for creating 3D apps based on html5 and WebGL. Their PKP app is one of the best free online kitchen design software for developers, published on GitHub and Sourceforge.

Professional Support

Digital Artflow offers free customer support period to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the results. They always help clients no matter what problems they have.

After the end of this period, you can continue cooperation on favorable terms. They also offer hosting & technical support subscription plan. This means they take care of deployment, particular server requirements, etc.

Digital Artflow Prices

They charge $25 - $49/hr while working on a project. To determine the time required to develop an app, they collect all the necessary information from a client and determine what resources they’ll need to use.

The cost of a project usually depends on the level of complexity and the platform used to develop it. If the company owns a platform, the price will be lower. The minimum project budget for one standard solution is $5000.

Currently, they offer 2 payment options: fixed price and per feature (development ticket). For the first variant, they need to have a well-documented project. In this case, a client can pay for each development stage. The second option is commonly used for random requirements.

Similar Products

Today, there are no companies in the web development market that can surpass Digital Artflow. Although the team uses popular technologies, they offer unique services using their own applications and systems. Therefore, clients get a unique product with minimum time and money spent.

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