15 Best Torrent Sites

I reviewed over 50 torrent sites and selected 15 best torrenting websites that you may find online. ATTENTION! Before visiting these torrent websites, mind that there is a risk accessing a torrent site and downloading files from it too. It can be annoying advertising, computer viruses, notifications of copyright infringement from your ISP, and government fines.

  1. The Pirate Bay (TPB) - The biggest torrent website in history
  2. Kickass Torrents - Many new and old TV shows/movies
  3. RARBG - Has its own large tracker server
  4. YIFY Movies - High quality movies
  5. EZTV - Fastest TV show download speed
  6. 1337x - Easy to navigate
  7. ISOHunt - Movie and music discs torrent website
  8. Lime Torrents - Without annoying advertising
  9. Torrentz2 - Reliable torrent catalog
  10. TorLock - The best torrent search option
  11. Zooqle - Movies and TV shows in any resolution
  12. Torrentseeker - Search torrents on 150+ torrent websites
  13. Rutracker - Popular torrenting website
  14. YTS - 1000+ movies in HD
  15. Nyaa - The largest base of anime

There is one way you may protect yourself when entering torrent sites - using a reliable and free VPN service. But it will be more difficult to protect your computer that can be damaged with files you downloaded from a torrent website.

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB)

The largest torrent website in history
  • The most popular torrent tracker in the world
  • Survived all attempts to be closed and blocked
  • VIP/Trusted user tags let you immediately find out if the content is safe

It is one of the first torrent websites that was created back in 2003. The site boasts a broad library of all sorts of media files.

Despite the fact that there have been multiple attempts to close it, the site still exists. The people who have founded and support The Pirate Bay suffered the fate of fines, lawsuits and criminal cases. The main founder Gottfried Svartholm has already been sentenced to prison three times and spent a total of 4 years in prison.

However, despite thorough legal research, blocking in numerous countries, fines of millions of dollars, etc., the site continues to exist. It is supported by an anonymous crowd of hackers who restore the site every time it is closed.

2. Kickass Torrents

Many new and old TV shows/movies
  • Intuitive interface
  • A large community of seeders, the second largest after TPB
  • The absence of ads

The initial Kickass Torrent site no longer exists after the US government shut it down in 2016. Nevertheless, the service itself has been restored and has many clones. However, clones change domains with a frequency of six months.

The site provides access to movies, TV shows, games and software. Besides, there is a very active community if you want to talk to like-minded people. It is one of the best torrent sites due to minimal and often absent advertising, a broad library of files and speedy loading time.


Has its own large tracker server
  • Speedy loading time
  • Minimal advertising
  • Rating system and links to similar torrent files

Founded in 2008, RARBG is a site with a fairly simple user interface and a broad torrent library. It enables visitors to download torrent files, with the magnet links supported. The site is actively used by a huge number of people, and it provides plenty of seeds. Many users call RARBG one of the best torrenting websites due to the availability of old and new torrents, the ability to download music, movies, games, videos and programs.

Since the site is so widely used, it has already been blocked in numerous countries, like the UK, Denmark, Portugal and Bulgaria.

4. YIFY Movies

High-quality movies
  • The most qualitative movies found on the net
  • Simple and intuitive interface that resembles Netflix
  • Full of malicious ads and suspicious links

YIFY is widely known on the Internet for providing the fastest, most qualitative and the fullest video library. It provides an interface that simulates many online streaming services, with an appealing design, trailers on the page, offers of similar movies, as well as info about the cast and a brief description of the plot.

Although the initial YIFY site has long been closed, many imitators have appeared to replace it. The current site is full of spam which the majority of popular ad blockers aren’t yet able to detect. It is one of those torrent sites that have to be used with caution.


Fastest TV show download speed
  • Simple interface without ads
  • Possibility to download per one episode
  • Small number of seeders

EZTV is one of the top torrenting websites focused solely on TV shows, which is a rare occasion. It is possible to download practically any TV show from this site – via a magnet or direct link. Despite the fact the selection of shows is quite rich, the torrents lack seeders, even if the show has been recently released. The resolution of the majority of video files is 720p, sometimes you can come across 1080p.

Many were surprised by the site’s decision to become a non-profit organization in order to escape any legal proceedings related to piracy charges. Unfortunately, this strategy didn’t protect EZTV. After numerous legal problems, its original domain was taken over by scammers.

6. 1337x

Easy to navigate
  • Highly popular
  • Appealing interface compared with other sites
  • Convenient torrent directories for quick viewing

1337X is distinguished by an intuitive interface with a dedicated path for every directory. It exists for approximately 10 years and belongs to torrenting sites that, for one reason or another, hasn’t been closed.

This site contains comprehensive information about torrents, and well-structured media sections that make it easy to find the necessary file. 1337x was heavily modified with the aim to enhance the security measures, make the site easily accessible and the interface – more user-friendly.

7. ISOHunt

Movie and music discs torrent website
  • The use of VPN is strongly recommended
  • No automatic sorting by the number of seeders
  • Limited information about torrent files

Despite its name, ISOHunt offers not only copies of discs but also movies, games, music and TV shows. After the initial ISOHunt was closed in 2013, many clones of the site appeared. However, it is a known fact that none of these clones are under the direction of the initial site’s creators.

This torrent site features a homepage focused on a more extensive file scope that contains the lists sorted by popularity. However, the lists themselves aren’t particularly popular among users.

8. Lime Torrents

Without annoying advertising
  • Fast interface
  • Only the most necessary info
  • The use of VPN is strongly recommended

Here is one of the best torrent sites that has succeeded in escaping the legal side of the problem. Besides, it hasn’t been closed like the majority of bigger torrenting sites. The reason for that is cautious attention to the data hosted on the site.

The prominent characteristics of LimeTorrents are an intuitive UI with torrents that originate from more superior trackers. Besides, the site presents a list of internal lists where users may examine the date of adding, seeder, the size and the health meter for every torrent.

9. Torrentz2

The best torrent search option
  • Quick way to find sites with hidden torrent files
  • Links to 60 million files

Torrentz2 isn’t hosting torrents, so it can’t be called a full-fledged torrent website. Actually, it serves as a searching engine and is meant for finding torrent trackers for users. It just checks all the torrent download sites in its database for a given keyword and shows all sorts of sites that contain this file.

Despite the fact that Torrentz2 is just a searching engine that doesn’t actually provide its own links to copyrighted files, it still faced a lot of legal problems and was closed. A second version of the site appeared instead.

10. TorLock

Reliable torrent catalog
  • Uses competitor sites to search for torrent files
  • Large number of seeders
  • The use of VPN is strongly recommended

TorLock uses a bot to check and add files. I wouldn’t call it the best torrent site since it isn’t as convenient as it could be, and download links are often redirected to other sources. However, the website still boasts an impressive selection of files, including movies, music, programs and TV shows.

According to the site’s info, it contains over 5 million reliable torrents. Visit it and you will see a Top 100 list of the mainstream torrent files for download. Aside from presenting users with an extensive selection of reliable torrents, TorLock will pay any user who locates a false torrent link.

11. Zooqle

Movies and TV shows in any resolution
  • Torrent files are checked before being added to lists
  • The absence of ads and pop-ups
  • Presumed to comply with DCMA conditions

Zooqle is an indexer site that concentrates on movies and TV shows. Besides, it offers a variety of other types of media files, including games, programs and e-books. The site is well structured as a gallery, which enables users to pick from a vast selection of files with different resolutions.

This top torrent site claims that it doesn’t contain files that violate copyright. Perhaps, that is the reason why it managed to protect its domain from deleting torrent files at the request of copyright owners.

12. Torrentseeker

Search torrents on 150+ torrent websites
  • Search engine that covers a large number of sites
  • Design of the search window and results page in the Google style
  • A minimum of technical info

TorrentSeeker is an outstanding searching engine with a nice design. It covers a huge number of sources, including little-known torrenting sites. So, this Google-like site can save you plenty of time when searching for the necessary file.

Search results don’t provide technical info other than the file name and the site where it is located. Therefore, it won’t come in handy when looking for seeders. The website itself doesn’t show advertisements. But mind that you will still have to enable VPN and ad-blocker before entering the site.

13. Rutracker

Popular torrenting website
  • Site in the Russian language
  • Blocked only in Russia
  • Not fully private

Here is one of the top torrent sites that is highly popular mostly among Russian-speaking users. The website is praised for an extensive selection of torrent files, such as audio files, programs, audiobooks and movies. In 2015, access to the site was denied to the residents of Russia. Compared with the Pirate Bay, it isn’t a fully private torrent tracker. Therefore, an account is required to download files.

14. YTS

1000+ movies in HD
  • Interface resembles that of Hulu and Netflix
  • Uses a unique search engine
  • Content is available in Blu-ray and DVDRip formats

This website is used as a means of searching torrent files for a certain movie. As for the interface, it is quite intuitive, providing the same experience as if you browse Netflix or Hulu. It is possible to download TV series and movies in a variety of resolutions. The website has unofficially replaced the previously existed YTS and YIFY group. The number of YTS users is huge, thus enabling the BitTorrent protocol to operate more efficiently.

15. Nyaa

The largest base of anime
  • Available in Chinese and English
  • A large number of amateur translations of anime

Nyaa is one of the best torrent sites for those who are particularly interested in the content produced in East Asia, like anime and Japanese video games. The website exists for a long period of time while some of its domain names were disabled and substituted. Even though there are streaming services concentrated primarily on anime, like Amazon Anime Strike and Crunchyroll, certain shows, which aren’t so mainstream, don’t have an official translation.

Some shows were released quite a while ago, and others will probably never be available for the Western audience. As for Nyaa’s interface, it is straightforward and efficient, providing access to an extensive library of Japanese animation.

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