11 Best Language Learning Software in 2020

11 Best Language Learning Software in 2020

Today, people do not need to attend offline schools to learn a foreign language, as they can instead use the best language learning software. Such programs are no less great than offline schools. With them, you can quickly learn a new language and improve your speaking skills.

Besides, these programs are compatible with many devices. They help you save time and learn any language anytime wherever you are.

Top 11 Language Learning Software

  1. Rosetta Stone - Allows learning endangered languages
  2. Duolingo - Computer game-like learning platform
  3. LinguaLift - Great for enhancing grammar skills
  4. Rocket Languages - Suitable for ESL courses
  5. Fluenz - The best language learning software for tutoring
  6. BrainPop - Helps improve pronunciation
  7. Babbel - Offers the cultural immersion approach
  8. Pimsleur - Provides various video lessons
  9. Italki - Suitable for students with the intermediate language level
  10. Rype - Great for beginners
  11. Yabla - Includes a junior package

When choosing the best language learning programs, make sure to focus on personal preferences and goals. While some software is developed with an emphasis on grammar, other programs can expand your vocabulary, increase speaking skills, improve the accent and help you better understand native speakers.

1. Rosetta Stone

Allows learning endangered languages
  • User-friendly
  • More than 30 languages
  • Extra online tutoring sessions
  • None

Verdict: Rosetta Stone offers you the best online language courses that are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. The program comes with over 30 languages to choose from. Each course focuses on your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. A nice bonus is the availability of additional materials relevant to each topic.

Due to the speech recognition technology, Rosetta Stone quickly adapts to the novice users’ needs, which contributes to quick learning. The program offers a variety of audio and video recordings so you can listen to the accents of native speakers. After completing a lesson, you can move to the next one.

rosetta stone language learning software interface

2. Duolingo

Computer game-like learning platform
  • Great visualization
  • Allows users to redo tasks
  • Various languages to choose from
  • Not all languages offer a lot of lessons

Verdict: Duolingo offers 34 language courses. The program is popular due to its non-standard gamification approach. Duolingo is the best Spanish language learning software as it features a variety of topic-relevant podcasts. The program aims to deliver interactive and interesting content without boring grammar tasks.

Besides, you will be surprised by the organized sequence of modules, each of them is divided into lessons. A student passes these lessons one by one and at the end of each completes a test. If the student is in doubt about a certain task, it’s possible to repeat it at the end of the lesson to solidify knowledge.

duolingo language learning software interface

3. LinguaLift

Great for enhancing grammar skills
  • Holistic class 
  • Offers detailed guides and explanations
  • Intuitive structure
  • 3 languages only

Verdict: LinguaLift is a language learning program that focuses on cultural immersion by presenting a language as part of the culture. Although the program comes with only three languages, such as Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew, it delivers high-quality content that helps students master a language and start speaking faster.

Before a course begins, students receive a list of all topics and materials on the selected language. Apart from theory, students get detailed explanations, instructions and basic information that they need to know. After completing a lesson, students can check their knowledge by solving practice tasks. LinguaLift is thought to be the best Japanese learning online software as its courses are based on country specifics.

lingualift language learning software interface

4. Rocket Languages

Suitable for ESL courses
  • Allows downloading materials
  • Audio guides
  • Interactive tasks
  • For Roman languages only

Verdict: Rocket Languages is an educational program that offers users to learn 12 languages. It allows you to download course materials to your device to revise them anytime in the future. I recommend creating flashcards for getting quick access to them via a card reader.

Rocket Languages is the best language learning software for visual learners, as it lets you study grammar by watching video tutorials. Since the videos are accompanied by animations, it facilitates learning. After completing the theoretical part, students move on to interactive practice tasks that help them consolidate knowledge.

rocket languages learning software interface

5. Fluenz

The best language learning software for tutoring
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Perfect for beginners
  • A well-thought-out design
  • No live web lessons

Verdict: Are you dreaming of learning Chinese or Italian? Then Fluenz is what you need. This educational platform offers various language courses like Chinese (Mandarin with Pinyin), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Latin American Spanish and European Spanish. It is suitable for users of different levels. You will learn a language under the guidance of a tutor who will answer all your questions, help you understand grammar and expand your vocabulary. Alternatively, you can learn on your own by doing the exercises, still, the result will be less effective.

Fluenz focuses on the content of speech, which helps you quickly speak the language and understand foreigners. iPhone users can make their lessons even more effective, by using an iPhone tripod to free hands for taking notes.

fluenz language learning software interface

6. BrainPop

Helps improve pronunciation
  • Clear videos
  • Supports captions
  • Free of charge
  • Can’t be used as the main learning course

Verdict: BrainPop is one of the best free language learning websites that includes short illustrated videos explaining basic grammar, words and expressions. BrainPop does not allow you to learn complex grammatical structures or highly specialized vocabulary.

On the platform, you can learn a language by watching movies. Entry-level students can use subtitles that help them understand the context clearer. Thanks to the special version of the program designed for juniors, BrainPop is suitable for children as well. This service is especially useful now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it allows schools to use its services completely free of charge.

brainpop language learning software interface

7. Babbel

Offers the cultural immersion approach
  • Multiple language podcasts
  • Useful guides for starters
  • Grammar tips
  • Lacks interesting visuals for lessons

Verdict: Babbel is one of the best language programs with a focus on grammar. Starting with basic grammar rules, students gradually move on to complex grammatical constructions. Such training allows you to see the result and motivates you to greater achievements. All the gained knowledge is consolidated during interactive practice lessons. Moreover, during these lessons, students see pop-ups with grammar rules, which help memorize them more quickly.

Babbel offers courses for 14 languages. To make a decision easier, you can try the first lesson of each course for free. The platform is compatible with other devices, such as iOS, Android tablets and phones, which allows you to study wherever you are.

babbel language learning software interface

8. Pimsleur

Provides various video lessons
  • 50+ languages
  • The main emphasis is on speaking and listening comprehension
  • Compatible with any device
  • No reading and writing tasks

Verdict: Pimsleur is a language learning program that you can use on the go. You will be pleasantly surprised by the organized structure of the modules on the platform. Since Pimsleur includes short video tutorials, it is a perfect option to get the most out of your time on the road or during your lunch break.

This best language learning software aims to improve speaking skills and help you understand foreign accents. Students listen to native speakers, trying to understand and repeat their words. Pimsleur provides students with the choice of 50 languages to learn in case their language of instruction is English. However, if a student aims at learning English, it’s possible to use the version that offers English lessons in 14 languages.

pimsleur language learning software interface

9. Italki

Suitable for students with the intermediate language level
  • Tutors from all over the globe
  • Language learning community
  • Mentoring and full control
  • Not all the native speakers are qualified teachers

Verdict: Italki is one of the best language learning programs for practicing speaking skills. It’s based on the communication approach. A student talks to a native speaker, who does not necessarily have a teaching background. This format allows students to combine tutor-guided lessons with self-education. To get started with the service, you only need a Skype connection and a webcam.

The platform is easy-to-use. You need to choose a tutor, specify the desired time and day, and then start chatting. Italki does not require payment for the full course, students pay for each lesson separately. It helps you quickly understand whether this service is right for you.

italki language learning software interface

10. Rype

Great for beginners
  • Allows studying with tutors
  • Easy-to-find instructors
  • Interesting lessons
  • Cursory learning

Verdict: Rype is the best language learning software for those who aim to quickly start speaking with foreigners and understand them better. There are a lot of tutors with an individual approach to teaching. Rype speakers are not the classic teachers that we are used to seeing in schools, but they help students learn languages faster and speak fluently.

A big advantage of this software is that it lets you choose a specialist in the area you are interested in. Thus, while communicating with a tutor on Skype, you can gain basic language knowledge but also learn special vocabulary and colloquial expressions.

rype language learning software interface

11. Yabla

Includes a junior package
  • Great for upgrading listening skills
  • Various accents 
  • Videos with different conversational pace
  • Poor quality

Verdict: Yabla is the best audio language learning platform to help you improve listening skills with video tutorials created by native speakers. Intermediate students can choose a suitable speaking pace for them, while advanced students can practice listening with a variety of accents.

The service offers optional subtitles in both foreign and native languages. You can revise your knowledge by completing a series of assignments after each lesson.

On the platform, a student can choose to learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese or English. Yabla is more suitable for students who have at least basic knowledge of a language, as beginners may find it a bit difficult to start with.

yabla language learning software interface
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