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AutoCAD is an extremely popular commercial software program used by engineers and architects all over the world. Designed and developed by Autodesk Corporation, AutoCAD has been released as a commercial desktop application in December of 1982. The software itself was designed to allow people who are familiar with AutoCAD to build buildings, model cities, etc. Using AutoCAD software, you can create 3d drawings that will make it easy for you to visualize how your building or other structure will look.

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As you may be aware, AutoCAD programs are not designed to be open source. It is necessary for companies like Autodesk to be able to sell their product. This means that if you use AutoCAD, you will need to pay the company a fee before you can download and use their program. If you want to use AutoCAD and save money, you may wish to look into purchasing a commercial version of AutoCAD and then using this program at your own convenience.

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