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Pro Photo Retouch Job

Professional photo retouch job has become highly demanded today. However, it is not always easy to find favorable working conditions for such an occupation. There are many criteria to look out for. Firstly, work responsibilities require a great deal of time, so it's much more comfortable to carry out the photo retouching jobs from home. Secondly, no less important is the level of photo quality and subject matter or the way your work will be handled.

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But what if we can give you the best conditions for this particular job? You do not need to look for top photo retouching jobs near me. All you need is just get acquainted with the detailed information below. It will be useful for you and may even change your future career path for the best.

Professional photo editing service FixThePhoto is a place where you can find a pleasant work from home photo retouching jobs. Moreover, here you can realize your potential as a creative person who does retouching exclusively professional and unique way. Purposeful, ambitious, charismatic - just such a photo retoucher needed for FixThePhoto, so if you feel like this - you just need to contact us!

What is Professional Photo Retouching?

The professional photo retouch job aims to feel the mood of the photo, perceive the people’s personality or other’s object special features depicted on the photo. It’s important to comprehend what specific details should be highlighted, and which in reverse should totally be taken out from the picture. This is quite a meticulous process that presupposes sufficient skills; however, photo retouching jobs salary is also appropriate.

You need to be master of color combination and correction rules on the advanced level, which is necessary for creating harmonious pictures that do not offend the eye. Besides, you should understand well where the place for glare is and where the shadow should lie. It is the main key to arrange realistic paintings.

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In addition, the photo retoucher job description can also be supplemented with a good ability to correct body look, remove any unwanted details from the face, make a look thinner or do any other weight manipulation.

If the above-mentioned things make up the field of your usual responsibilities, then send us your CV and soon you can get a professional photo retouch job.

Professional Photo Retouching Services

Professional photo retouch job is not possible without the use of proper services that will enhance the work. FixThePhoto offers a great selection of the following services: portrait retouching, body photo editing, background changing photo restoration, wedding photo editing, product photo editing etc. Using our photo retouching services you will easily do professional photo retouch job to make first-rate and jaw-dropping images.

Our Clients Use Professional Photo Retouching Services when They Need:

  • • To cut out, to mask-out or to hide the photo background (especially needed for the online store)
  • • To remove the groundwork and improving its quality with adjustments
  • • To resize a particular item in a photo or an entire photo
  • • To do basic image retouching of product photography

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Why Pro Photo Retouch Job at FixThePhoto?

Professional photo editing service FixThePhoto has tremendous work experience and implements the most amazing customer ideas. FixThePhoto successfully performs a professional photo retouch job of diverse projects, being active in the photo industry since 2013. We have a various customer ranging from individual multiple photos to commercial groups that need to make thousands of shoots.

Among the numerous small companies and private retouchers-freelancers, FixThePhoto is favorably distinguished by the fact that there is a well-coordinated team of experienced specialists, who thoroughly analyze the future work and act as a single mechanism. Our main advantage is the competence to make photo retouching jobs online those projects which may interest you the most. We specialize in the most diverse genres - fashion, portrait, advertising, or just private photography, so you will have the lucky chance to choose.

Our welcoming and devoted team represent an exclusively professional photo retouch job for our customers. We are constantly growing and continue to recruit the most intelligent, competent and hard-working employees to do remote photo retouching jobs.

Pro Photo Retouch Job Requirements

  • • Bachelor's degree in Photography or related degree
  • • Strong visual skills, rigorous and consistent attention to detail and an eye for flexibility and a color
  • • Proficiency and exceptional skills in retouching and color correction
  • • Expert skills using Adobe Photoshop CS5/6 and Adobe Bridge
  • • Capability to grasp the client's desire and interpret it in the best way
  • • The tendency to meet deadlines without distorting general image quality
  • • Experience working in a Mac-based environment
  • • Exquisite customer service and conversation skills
  • • Strong organizational skills
  • • Multitasker, problem solver and self-driven
  • • A person with a great attitude to others

It's important to clarify some nuances, which exactly photo retoucher needed for FixThePhoto. First and foremost, we are curious about professional skills and such human qualities as friendliness, abilities to work in a team. In any case, we are not aiming to make a choice based on private orientations.

Therefore, all qualified candidates will accept consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, national origin, genetics or any other status secured by federal, state, or local law. We dedicated to creating a positive and diverse climate.

The only thing that is a must is the strong desire to work in our friendly ambitious team and to continually learn new and to improve yourself. If you are endowed with high motivation, love for a professional photo retouch job and a desire to grow - you must definitely join us!

Pro Photo Retouch Job Responsibilities

  • • Follow the established standards for color correcting
  • • Do image retouching and manipulation of digital images to assemble the highest-quality images possible
  • • Undergo creative direction/approvals from Direct Manager
  • • Quality control, produce and release final files
  • • Maintain image quality and standards
  • • Do image resizing and resolution for print and digital application
  • • Work collaboratively with all partners to drive and support team growth and success

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • Competitive salary & encouragement opportunity
  • • Excellent benefits package including vacation, personal, holiday, sick days
  • • Medical, dental and vision benefits
  • • Career advancement
  • • 401(k) plan

Bonus Points for

  • • Knowing marketplace or eCommerce business concepts
  • 3+ years of experience in professional lifestyle retouching

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

Together with a standard resume with your experience and skills data, please send your work samples in the format before / after. It will also be a great advantage if you use the following photos and edit them as well and send us. By fulfilling these conditions, you will be more likely to get a professional photo retouch job.

Pro Photo Retouching Before and After Examples

We encourage you to get acquainted with the work samples of our professional retouchers. These work before and after will show you what responsibilities we need from you. This will help you understand the photo retoucher job description. Every modern professional photographer cannot work without qualitative retouching - starting with advertising and portrait photography and end with a wedding photoshoots and interior photography. Therefore, FixThePhoto performs photo retouching jobs online from a wide variety of companies. Your task is to perform quality work and enjoy the work process and leave the customer satisfied with the result.

Video Tutorials about Pro Photo Retouching

FixThePhoto offers you a range of visual and informative video tutorials that will tell you about pro photo retouching in the easiest and most exciting way. Learn how to perform one or another professional photo retouch job visually through our videos in order to learn or revise the knowledge.

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Photo Retouching Blog

We strive to follow all the trends in the world of the photo industry, move in rhythm with existing innovations, ways to improve the photo and create perfect work. That's why FixThePhoto has its own photo blog, which contains relevant tips and interesting advice. Here you can always find a lot of useful information and a little inspiration to work.


Photo Retouching Freebies

The FixThePhoto team is actively working to share useful content for all dedicated photo lovers. We regularly give an opportunity to download professional Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions and overlays, textures and much more for free so that you can easily edit the photo by yourself. All you have to do to access these resources is to leave your email. We will send you everything you are interested in.

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