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Photo Retouching Prices

Here you can view a price list for image retouching services by Fix The Photo. When ordering please list all of the retouching works you need to be done. You can select from 5 retouching packages for professional photographers.

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How much to retouch?
Photography retouching rates by Fix The Photo

You can select from 5 retouching packages, which differ by post-processing level, the time spent by a retoucher on each image, and by the retoucher’s skills. They are different retouchers who process photos within Basic and High End levels of retouching.

We have gathered a team of professional retouchers to process photos of all types: portrait photos, body photography, wedding images, clipping path, ecommerce product photos. When you make an order with our service we will help you to select the best retoucher especially for your post production photo editing. We can assign a dedicated retoucher for our returning customers to provide style match and consistency of retouching quality.

Photo Editing Services Price per image What's included
Photo Retouching Price List
 Basic Photo Retouching  $2 Color correction, basic portrait retouching, image cropping.
 Pro Photo Retouching  $5 Color correction, professional portrait retouching, body correction, background removal and change.
 High End Photo Retouching  $10 Color correction, beauty portrait retouching, body correction, background manipulations, HDR effects.
 Extra Photo Retouching  $10 Artistic retouching, professional background manipulations, head swap, color correction.
 Photo Manipulation & Restoration  $25 Creative portrait retouching, digital drawings, photo montage.

How to select the best Photo Retouching level for you?

We will help you to understand what's the difference between these five retouching packages and which one suits you the best.

Basic Retouching Level

This level of editing will suit photographers who do not need deep professional post processing. Within this package we will make color correction, adjust white balance, exposition, contrast; basic portrait retouching will include teeth whitening, red eyes removal, stray hair removal and basic skin retouching.

This level offers very low photo retouching fees – just $2 per image.

Pro Retouching Level

This level of editing will suit professional photographers who need more meticulous post processing for their images. Our retouchers will pay more attention to details: skin and body retouching, braces and eye glass glare removal, color correction and background enhancement.

Photo editing rates for this level are very affordable – just $5 per image.

High End Retouching Level

This level of editing will suit professional photographers who need extra attention to each detail of their photos and want their personal style to be followed. Additional attention to details requires doubled time spent by a retoucher on each image post processing. You will get High End skin and body retouching, color correction, background correction and HDR effects. That’s why this level fee is $10 per image.

Extra Retouching Level

This level of editing is equal to Pro Retouching Level plus extra background manipulations included. We can replace or flip the background, add shadows, merge photos, add or delete elements from the background, swap a head. Image editing prices for Extra level is $10 per image.

Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration

The highest level of image editing includes photo manipulations and photomontage to transform ordinary photos into something fantastic due to dramatic and artistic Pro retouching and background manipulation of Extra Level. Photo editing prices start from $25 per image.

Digital Photo Restoration Service will restore old, faded or damaged photos. Our experienced photo editors will rebuild a digital copy of your damaged picture removing aging effects, stains or scratches and restoring missing parts of the photo. Photo editing fees for restoration services is from $25 per image.

Why so low photo retouching rates?

Cheap photo post production fees do not mean cheap quality of retouching. You can send us a trial photo and make sure we are the best retouchers you should pay to have photos edited within 2-3 days with 100% confidentiality and the highest quality. You can look at the retouched photos before and after in our Portfolio.

We are glad to offer special image retouching rates to our bulk and returning clients!

We will give you one-time 15% OFF the total order price if it is more than $300. After your have been using our image editing service for longer than 6 months and have ordered over $1500 in total during that time you will get 30% OFF any your order during the next 6 months.