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Nude Photo Retouch Job

Our fast-developing service is now searching for experienced, imaginative and skillful retouchers who are real specialists in boudoir photo editing. Do you have the sufficient boudoir photography experience? Have you got the eagerness to get remote photo retouching jobs? Respond to our proposition.

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What Is Boudoir Photo Retouching?

Nude photography is usually ordered by models, brides or just by ordinary women who want to get the magazine-quality photos and feel like a real queen. But even the most beautiful photos need careful and delicate image post-processing. However, the model should not lose her/his natural beauty and turn into a completely different unrecognizable person. The main task of nude retouching is to emphasize the strong points and hide even the smallest flaws of the person.

Boudoir photo retouching includes such steps as skin smoothing, individual color improvements, removing birthmarks, scars, tattoos. Adding shape or volume to the hair, making the teeth whiter, and even improving so-called ‘problem areas’ are the basic steps which our professionals perform while doing photo retouching jobs from home.

Does this kind of photography post-production interests you? Would you like to become an important part of our creative and highly-qualified team? Don’t hesitate and write to us.

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Boudoir Photo Retouching Services

FixThePhoto supplies all levels of nude picture editing. Our imaginative and skillful workers manage to do the retouching of any difficulty and satisfy even the most exacting clients. Nude photo retouch job includes Standard picture retouching manipulations and more advanced, complex actions: cropping, beauty correction, portrait editing, changes in color, body shaping, etc.

Our clients use boudoir photo retouching services when they need:

  • • To remove light flares or wrinkles;
  • • To enhance tints and colors;
  • • To smooth skin;
  • • To clean the background, replace it or make other changes
  • • To receive a magazine look photo

Using the best LR and Photoshop tools our specialists create brilliant boudoir pictures taking into account the requirements of the clients. Many years of reliable and creative work in the branch of nude photography retouching have made FixThePhoto one of the most appreciated companies. Developing their own style and techniques, the editors carry out freelance retouching jobs and provide our clients with the top-class results.

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Why Nude Photo Retouch Job at FixThePhoto?

FixThePhoto is considered to be among the leaders in nude retouching due to our skillful employees, their endless fantasy and devotion to the business. We cooperate with big model agencies, create tons of photos for fashion magazines or just retouch a couple of pictures from the private photo session. We have been supplying amenities connected with nude photo retouch job and our customers are always satisfied with the quality and the creative approach. Our team of unordinary and innovative professionals is open to accept new members who love boudoir photography and are willing to make their contribution to the development of the company.

We will be glad to meet at the interviews well-qualified, ingenious and imaginative applicants? Are you ready to generate your amazing ideas and make them a reality? If the vacancy is interesting for you, contact us and send your portfolio. We will invite you for the interview, as quick as possible.

Nude Photo Retouch Job Requirements

  • • All applicants must have some experience in boudoir photography.
  • • The appropriate education is essential. We will consider contenders who have got Bachelor’s degree in the fields related to photography.
  • • We need employees who are able to follow the clients’ wishes and requirements, create photos in a necessary style.
  • • A reliable team-player with the ability to follow the company’s instructions is being looked for.
  • • The contenders must be capable to solve even the toughest requirements and finish the tasks in the appointed time.
  • • A photo retoucher needed must be well-acquainted with Photoshop and LR programs and professionally work in them.
  • • A good artistic taste and capacity to catch even the smallest details are appreciated.
  • • Our staff needs a new member who can work on several problems at the same time.
  • • Experience in beauty and portrait correction, complete and standard background retouching is important for us.
  • • You should demonstrate communicative and organizational skills.

Nude Photo Retouch Job Responsibilities

  • • Cropping the pictures.
  • • Correcting background (general cleaning, complete retouching, extending and replacement).
  • • Skin and body retouching manipulations.
  • • Enhancing colors.
  • • Removing wrinkles, stray hair, braces, light flares.
  • • Creating nude photos according to the client’s requirements and according to the particular style.
  • • Sticking to the time frames.

Do you have any questions left? To learn more about the responsibilities and get extra photo retoucher job description, contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

Having decided to join our company, you will certainly have the opportunity to develop yourself as an excellent specialist and to implement all your ideas. Photo retoucher jobs salary is decent and it is always paid on time. All our employees get the possibility to get some vision, dental and other medical benefits. The special retirement plan that our company provides to the staff will help you feel confident about your future. Career opportunities are also available for every employee.

Bonus Points for

If you have had such a kind of job before or you have some working experience in asset management (more than three years), it will be appreciated by our HR-managers. Having any practice in e-commerce is not compulsory but it will bring you some additional points.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

Give the general information about your person and add the detailed data on working experience. The examples of boudoir photos are compulsory for all applicants. You may offer us your CV with your ready images along with the original ones. It is possible to use our RAW pictures for editing. Various LR presets, Photoshop actions are available for everyone on our webpage without any pay. Show all your mastery, techniques, skills and prove that you the right person for the job. Providing our employees with high photo retoucher jobs salary we must be sure of your qualification.

Boudoir Photo Retouching Before and After Examples

Our company is a unified team of top-class professionals. We provide our customers with only the best services and we must keep our reputation high. Performing photo retouching jobs from home our talented specialists create wonderful, non-artificial images for men and women, models, brides, making them attractive. Visit our webpage and look through the before/after examples of the nude photography. The excellence of your edited pictures must be equal.

Video Tutorials about Boudoir Photo Retouching

Watch our videos and learn valuable information and useful tips. Even a very skillful retoucher can find lots of interesting things about full body retouching and manipulations with Photoshop, the transformation of body shape etc.

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Photo Retouching Blog

Would you like to be well-informed about all modern techniques, trends, equipment and software reviews needed for the nude photo retouch job? Join our special blog and extend your knowledge of boudoir photography.


Photo Retouching Freebies

Enjoy our special freebies and create unique, excellent and distinguish nude photographs. Don’t miss a good chance to download them easily on FixThePhoto website and they will become your real helping-hands. Various Photoshop and Lightroom textures, brushes, layouts, presets and other useful tools are available for you even without the registration.

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