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What is Landscape Photo Editing?

Landscape photo editing is making photo manipulations with color, brightness, saturation, shadows, adjustments of temperature, correcting sky, trees, water on nature photos in Photoshop or Lightroom. The landscape images include urban and rural prospects, photographs with industrial objects and architectural forms on the nature surface too.

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Landscape Photo Editing Services

The main task of landscape photo editing services is correcting color palette of the image. We provide services of removing color defects, which include the exposure of the image, excessive darkness, haze or tarnish of tones and colors. If clients ask, we provide creative photo manipulations in Photoshop. Color correction allows a photographer embodying his/her ideas. You can make the images a fairy-tale or dark, add the expressiveness or dullness. It all depends on the intention of a photographer.

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Our Clients Use Landscape Photo Editing Services for:

  • • Getting the full tone range;
  • • Adjusting too bright tints;
  • • Increasing the contrast of significant objects;
  • • Enhancing the colors of objects, depending on their significance and remoteness.
  • • Achieving color and compositional harmony.
  • • Sharpening when creating a file for printing or for the web.

Nature has its own character, which should be emphasized in every picture of this kind. This makes the work of photo retouching interesting and even romantic. Nature is not as demanding as real customers. Here, you will not be forced to cooperate with numerous clients who are trying to figure out what they want from the final images, and if they are not satisfied, provide them with new options. That's why, if you love nature and can work with advanced image editing programs, landscape retouching is the perfect choice for you.

Our company is searching for landscape photo editing job applicants, who are always ready to develop their skills, improve an image, and learn the new information in order to work professionally for many years. The demands for potential editors of the landscapes are very high. We are looking for a retoucher for image editor jobs, who will show his/her skills in edited photos, and flexibility in all the tasks.

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Why Landscape Photo Editing Job at FixThePhoto?

The retoucher job can bring the pleasure! We know this for sure because our company has a unique atmosphere. We are united by the passion for creating beautiful images, the desire to be better and openness to new horizons. We love our service and are constantly evolving. For 15 years our company has been synonymous with the best prices, high level of service and professional employees.

We are convinced that our employees are the most important asset of the company. Our main objectives of the personnel management policy are to form a team with a high level of motivation and involvement of the personnel in the common work of the company; to develop the talents and competencies of employees; to achieve high efficiency of everyone.

The basis of any business is the people, - the photo retouchers team of the company. They lead the organization to success. We understand this and do everything to work with us was comfortable and interesting. We always stand on the path of sustainable development.

Landscape Photo Editing Job Requirements

  • • Degree in Photography, Visual Art, Graphic Design or a related field;
  • • Persistence and an exceptional eye for a detail;
  • • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop CS5/6 and Adobe Bridge;
  • • Ability to work independently and be able to concentrate on the project;
  • • Readiness to meeting all customers’ requirements and show quality results;
  • • Experience working in a PC and Mac-based environments;
  • • Strong organizational skills and detail oriented;
  • • Experience in the landscape photography;
  • • Ability to multi-task and learn quickly.

These qualities are the basis of a landscape photo editing job. If you want to become a professional, who is confident in his/her ability to cope with any task within fixed deadlines and maintain self-control, perhaps, we have something to discuss.

We constantly demand these qualities from people who are looking for the photo editor job remote. Those who join us begin to improve their skills and expand their knowledge in landscape photography - thus, we sharpen their talents and constantly check them in the difficult situations that our employees are facing.

If you possess these qualities, we will be glad to see you in our amicable team! In FixThePhoto you will have an opportunity to demonstrate professional qualities and make your personal contribution to the further development of the company and your photo editing skills.

Landscape Photo Editing Job Duties

  • • Landscape image retouching;
  • • Light and color correction;
  • • Resizing of images and graphics using Adobe Photoshop;
  • • Making the minimum number of daily assets set by the direct manager;
  • • Performing the task repetitively, consistently, and accurately;
  • • Maintaining photo post production of a high volume of images.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

  • • Competitive salary;
  • • Generous time paid off;
  • • 401(k) plan;
  • • Medical, dental, and vision benefits;
  • • Career growth opportunities.

Bonus Points for

  • • Experience working on a marketplace or photography business;
  • • Three and more years of landscape photo editing job experience.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

First of all, we need information about you and your work experience. Also, you need to attach before/after images. We have provided you with the photos of the landscapes you need to edit. Download these photos, improve them and send the results back to us. The level of your salary directly depends on the quality of the images edited by you.

Landscape Photo Editing Before and After Examples

The calling card of any photo editing service is the examples of its work. Thanks to the professionalism of our retouchers, our calling cards serve not only as advertising but also as inspiration for others. Please use these before/after examples as a guide to what we expect of you.

Video Tutorials about Landscape Photo Editing

We also offer you several video lessons about landscape image retouching. These understandable and informative tutorials will help you refresh your knowledge.

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