Fiverr Photoshop

Fiverr Photoshop

Fiverr Photoshop is a section at the Fiverr website for freelancers, where retouchers and designers of any level provide their services. In this article, I will investigate this platform as an outsourcing photo editing service, show all pros and cons of placing orders, etc.

fiverr photoshop

What Is Fiverr Photoshop?

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The history of Fiverr started in 2010. The name of this marketplace comes from the original price of gigs or jobs at only a "fiver" ($5.00 US) for a task. Here you will come across plenty of services and jobs. A micro-task blog resembles such sites as Taskrabbit or Thumbtack and provides many jobs at a comparable cost.

For example, at this platform, you can sell or buy blog posting, content creation, social media, business card templates, as well as assistance with promotions or websites. In addition to it, Fiverr offers lots of services which are considered unethical by many users. Anybody can purchase Twitter or Instagram followers, get Facebook page likes as well as fake reviews. Some people really use such services to boost own brand and stand out of the crowd. 

As for Photoshop editing services, Fiverr freelancers offer standard photo retouching, photo manipulations, collages and even professional high-end image retouching for magazines and advertising. For such services, there is a special platform created on the site and you can use all its advantages by choosing an image editor to your taste and budget.

How Fiverr Image Editing Service Works?

Fiverr platform allows you to browse through the range of freelancers offering Photoshop services, and to place an order in just one click. Such a service is called a Gig.

1. Signing Up

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You can sign up for Fiverr for free. Mind, only registered users can purchase and sell on this platform.


2. Finding Service

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Browse catalog in various categories to find necessary Photoshop service online. Or, you can use the search engine and filters to pick a definite service or seller.


3. Placing Order

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After finding a Gig which you like, click on it for more information. It is very important to read a description of the service, look at a portfolio or samples of work, as well as the cost. It’s better to get in touch with a seller to ask questions before hiring someone to edit photos. In case, you feel it is exactly what you need, go on making an order.


NOTE: There is a $2 fee on purchases up to and including $40. Also, be ready to pay 5% on purchases higher than $40. This helps developers operate Fiverr and offer 24/7 customer support for the orders.

Photoshop Fiverr: PROS

Using such a flexible platform means you can enjoy many benefits. They can make your cooperation simple and quick. These are the advantages, which I can outline after Photoshop Fiverr testing.

It’s Easy to Buy on Fiverr

It takes several minutes to create an account and pay for gigs. It is possible to make an order right from the marketplace using any desired payment method.

Intuitive Navigation

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Don’t worry if you have no experience, using this kind of platforms. It will not be a problem to understand and navigate it. Everybody can compare the services and their cost among plenty of sellers. Every buyer has own delivery dates along with gig offerings. The platform includes lots of functions which make your search convenient.

A Wide Choice of Gigs in Various Areas

The marketplace is huge. It means you can search easily and compare available professional photo editing services. You may even come across the services you have not known about. As a rule, it is possible to get services for a cheap or quite a reasonable price. Some sellers are stay-at-home moms or students and your purchase will help them make a living.

Detailed Information about a Seller

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Fiverr platform has a seller's rating or feedback score which can help you make the right choice. Moreover, you can get in touch with a seller before ordering. Some sellers share samples of their work. There is one important thing you need to remember. The platform offers the marketplace, but you deal exactly with the sellers. They should follow the Fiverr Terms of Service. So, if you come across something unethical, hurry to report it.

Photoshop Fiverr: CONS

Despite attractive advantages, such a website, which simply works as a platform for freelancers, has significant drawbacks. They make using Fiverr not so perfect.

You Support an Economic Meltdown

Until 2015, Fiverr's price of $5 created quite a competitive marketplace. Later, sellers were allowed to charge more than 5 dollars. However, nowadays still lots of users from various countries sell photography editing services at only $5. This fact has an incredible impact on the economic state of freelancers and journalists based in the USA. For example, a resident of the USA with a fantastic resume received $300 for a top-quality article in an online publication 10 years ago. Nowadays, companies can hire a person with a less impressive resume and pay $25 for the article of the same quality.

Some Unethical Services

Despite the fact, many ethical sellers use Fiverr Photoshop, there are a few bad guys. They spoil the reputation of the platform.

False Reviews

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It is very difficult to keep track of all the reviews on the site, so they are real and true. Some sellers specifically create a large number of positive fake reviews by illegal means to get more buyers. So you can never be 100% sure if the reviews are written by real people or not.

Hidden Links

Let’s take a Level 2 seller who is going to achieve Level 3, for example. The person offers backlink creation applying automated techniques. I ordered such a service and think it is a scam in some way. The software creates deceptive links which then are removed from the websites. When you check them in a week or two, you will be redirected to somebody else's profile page. Additionally, they give sellers plenty of redirect links which are faked ones.

Nevertheless, the seller can boast of numerous orders as well as excellent ratings. Most of the reviews are positive. It is because the average person will not understand that a redirect PHP link, placed after any site you select to show someone, will work, but in fact, isn't real. Unfortunately, only some people understand it. Even several bad comments can’t spoil the rating of such Fiverr seller if there are lots of positive ones.

Quality of Work

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Your posts or articles may be placed on junk blogs containing lots of links. I think in this case you don’t want your item or brand to be associated with them. At present, a seller can’t send you a sample link of blog posting due to Fiverr's Terms of Service. In my opinion, such a practice would be very helpful. But it seems, the platform forbids it because of the possibility of your dealing not via Fiverr.

My Personal Experience of Ordering Photoshop Editing Services by Fiverr

hiring someone to edit photos fiverr hiring someone to edit photos fiverr

I ordered portrait and wedding photo retouching services on Fiverr. Since I chose the most popular but cheap photo retouchers, I wasn’t surprised by the result. The pictures didn’t look natural.

I paid $15 for this photo retouching order, which is very expensive for such image quality. As a test, I sent a photo of a girl taken in the studio. The task was like this: 

«Please, change the background color. To my mind, beige is not a good idea.  I have used improper background so you need to change its color so that the girl looks attractive and expressive. I’d like you to make the skin color correction as well as professional retouching of her face and remove stray hair. Get rid of all defects visible in the photo».

photo enhancement services

The result I received was disappointing. The background was dull with lack of shadows and gradients. It was just a monochrome background. It would be better if it was totally removed. The picture looks very cheap.

photo retouching

If compare "before" and "after" images, it is impossible to see any changes except for the background replacement and fixing small defects on the face. The stray hair is still visible.

My Personal Experience of Ordering Photoshop Editing Services by Fiverr

hire photoshop editor fixthephoto hire photoshop editor fixthephoto

Order Portrait Photo Retouching $5 per photo

By the way, I gave FixThePhoto retouchers the same task. The service is worth taking a leading place on the photo editing services for photographers list. The retoucher replaced a background perfectly so that the picture looks professional and qualitative. The girl’s skin is ideal. Besides, her hair looks volume.

Professional online Photoshop services offered by FixThePhoto will suit both amateur and beginning shooters. It is possible to order wedding, portrait, newborn, e-Commerce, real estate and landscape photo editing here. If you are in search of top-notch image retouching platform, then consider FixThePhoto Company.

Wonder why FixThePhoto retouching service is a great option? The main reason is the affordable price. Agree, that $5 per photo retouching is an acceptable cost for every photographer. Ordering online will not be a problem. There you will find lots of comments left by numerous photographers using the service for about 15 years. You will be definitely impressed with the result. The picture will be enhanced according to your particular style. The professionals will work until you are happy with the outcome. Hire someone to Photoshop your images at FixThePhoto and relax.

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