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Retouch Tips

10 Best Photo Retouchers In The World

We have gathered the portfolios and description of famous image retouchers and design studios. These people know how to use their imagination and treat any shot like a masterpiece which has soul and inspiration.

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Photoshop Or Lightroom: What Is The Photographer`s Best Friend?

When photographers decide to retouch photos by themselves without hiring an assistant or using a photo retouching service, they often have to choose between Adobe 2 most popular software – Photoshop and Lightroom. At the first sight both of the programs do the same things, but let’s look deeper and investigate when Lightroom and Photoshop should be used for photo post processing.

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Do you retouch too much?

Why celebrities started anti retouching campaign? Should you minimize corrections of a photo? Let`s talk about another side of photo retouching.

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Editing, Retouching, Post Processing, Post Production – What`s The Difference?

In digital world of photography editing, post production, retouching, or simply post-processing appertain to work that is done on the images after they have been captured by the camera. We have gathered information about the photo editing terms and their difference.

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