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5 tips to start you editing business

We are eager to the raise the topic of being highly competitive in order to be noticed and in demand. To describe this notion we will consider what should be done in case your goal is becoming a successful photo retoucher. 

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Nightlife photography tips – Perfect event photo shooting

Nightlife photography tips are demanded now more than ever. Why do we need such help in shooting pictures?

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Specifics and features of music festival photography tips

This type of photography is quite complex. To catch all necessary moments, all singers, deejays, guitarists and, of course, fans is the difficult task for even an experienced photographer. 

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Best of modeling photography 2017 – How to become a photo model

Nowadays these women make your heart stop the first instant you open a magazine. They know how to showcase their beauty, how to pose and show themselves. Most of them are now beauty icons, since they have embraced their characters, personal style and appearance. How to become a part of modeling business and who are the icons of fashion in 2017 is described in this post.

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Sony photography awards 2017

Today we will focus our attention on the competition, which is internationally known as Sony photography competition holded in 2017.

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How To Take Food Photography & How To Edit Food Photos In Photoshop

A turkey with a crispy golden skin, a tasty vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil, blueberry or raspberry pancakes, delicious doughnuts with bright glaze and sprinkles...  All these attractive pictures come to mind making the stomach growl and mouth fill with saliva. 

Today we're going to talk about food photography.

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Promotion and tips how to have a successful Instagram account for photographers

The Instagram service is a social network about the photos, so each photographer simply needs to have an account here, to indicate there their short and meaningful photographer Instagram bio and to do various posts. 

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