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Everything about USA photography industry

Do you know the state of high photography business and professional photo retouching services? Today we're going to come across common photography genres, top cities for working as a photographer, best photographers and image retouching services in the USA, and what should we expect from modern professionals in photo industry?

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Do you know the most expensive photo in the world?

What makes buyers pay such big sums of money for these shots? Let’s describe it in this article. We suggest you reading about 10 most exclusive photos in the world.

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Happy International beauty day!

Today the whole world celebrates the International Beauty Day. September 9 is unofficial holiday for all beauty lovers.

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Top 10 remarkable Instagram photographers

We've hand-picked 10 Instagram accounts of great pro & beginning photographers that you need to follow in 2016.

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Happy World Photography Day!

Amazing examples of Black and White photography

This post presents some truly excellent examples of beautiful black and white photography which won’t absolutely leave you cold.

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Top 10 YouTube channels to study photo editing for free

 In this article we'll discuss the top YouTube channels specialized in photo editing which are FREE and available for everybody.

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