Retouch Tips

Speed up your photo retouching with our professional photo editing tips in Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, ON1 Photo Raw, etc. Check out video tutorials and step-by-step guides for all photography levels to make work in the softwares easy and fast. Find out how to use Lightroom presets and brushes, Photoshop actions, textures, and brushes and where to download them free. How to choose the best photography software, what short keys to use and what secrets you should know before starting work as a photo retoucher.

Photo Tips

On this page, you will find useful photography tips and techniques for everybody I have written to help you grow as a photographer. How to shoot weddings, portraits, real estate, landscapes, product photography and more in the following articles. The list of the best online/offline photography classes, workshops to study digital photography tips by real professionals. Step-by-step photography guides to become a true expert in a specific photography genre and make everybody admire your portfolio.

Tech tips

Whether you are a beginning wedding photographer who want to gather a wedding photography gear or a professional real estate shooter who can’t choose a good lens or drone for property photography, these articles are for you. You will find all useful tips about how to choose budget photography equipment for beginners, what gear characteristics matter and what settings you should use to get amazing photos of high quality. Popular photography posts on gear such as DSLR/mirrorless cameras, lenses, tripods, flashes, softboxes, light boxes, drones, 360 photography equipment, photography props, bags and accessories, reviews, and more.

Business Tips

Find out how to start a successful photography business with FixThePhoto. Here you will find everything you need for a good start: how much should you charge as a photographer, how to maximize your income, what documents and photography releases you need, what is photography copyright, how to find new clients, photography marketing tips, policies and secure recommendations. I will help you start your photography business plan, use photography marketing templates, secure startup funds and invest in a good website and portfolio.

Photo Contests

Are you good at photography and photo editing? Do you want to share your works with public and become recognizable? Free/paid photo contests with cash prizes and get your works reviewed by expert judges. Search for the categories you need, submit your works, and become awarded today.

Photo Events

Everything you should know about all photography events in the US and the world. Enter photography trades, workshops, festivals famous photography organizations organize to unite photographers from different parts of the world to share their experience and skills.

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