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How To Take Food Photography & How To Edit Food Photos In Photoshop

A turkey with a crispy golden skin, a tasty vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil, blueberry or raspberry pancakes, delicious doughnuts with bright glaze and sprinkles...  All these attractive pictures come to mind making the stomach growl and mouth fill with saliva. 

Today we're going to talk about food photography.

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Promotion and tips how to have a successful Instagram account for photographers

The Instagram service is a social network about the photos, so each photographer simply needs to have an account here, to indicate there their short and meaningful photographer Instagram bio and to do various posts. 

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Come mettere in risalto le tue fotografie in bianco e nero

 I nostri suggerimenti su come scattare B&N foto

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How to take pics of childbirth - Photographer's tips

 The delivery of a child is a significant event for any family. Most parents try to capture in the photo every moment of peanut’s life, starting from the first minutes. However, it's not easy to make really good pictures of babies.

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Photo Retouching India - Truths and Faults

Here we've mentioned some peculiarities concerning photo retouching in India or outsourcing in India advantages and disadvantages.

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130 Meravigliosi Regali per Fotografi Scelti personalmente da tutto il Web

In questa raccolta di 130 regali creativi per i fotografi, troverete di tutto, dalle macchine fotografiche istantanee e dai kit di illuminazione portatili fino a delle simpatiche tazze - macchina fotografica o caricabatterie intelligenti e un mucchio di altri utili accessori per la fotografia. 

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Steps about how to Photograph Sky and how to Edit Night Sky Photos in Photoshop

Many factors affect a good photograph of the sky. It's a beautiful sight, you must properly capture it using the necessary equipment and proper proceeding of photos, for example photo color correction services have really great influence. Let's take a closer look at all the necessary steps to obtain amazing photos of the sky.

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