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B&W Retouching Job

FixThePhoto is offering B&W retouching jobs and is looking for freelance B&W creative and skillful photo retouchers and photographers to join our professional photo editing service team.

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What Is Black and White Photo Retouching?

FixThePhoto is a professional photo retouching service that helps people edit their photos online.  For this purpose, we offer a type of retouching jobs from home for talented photo retouchers. All people who are interested in B&W retouching can send their CV and try their best to show creativity, skills, and knowledge.

Black and white photo editing style is one of the most interesting and inspiring directions in all photography genres, this is what people call infatuation or passion. It is rough and refined, naturalistic and unusual, powerful, mysterious and open, emotional and calm, simple and complex. It contains all the shades of grey: from black to white.

Black and white portraits, landscapes, wildlife photos and even street photos are very popular. They do not have bright colors that distract from the action in the scene. The Monochrome effect allows viewers to enjoy classical images snatched from the modern world, but not having a time reference.

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Black & White Photo Retouching Services

FixThePhoto service provides black and white photo editing assistance for the following photography styles:

Landscape Photography. Black and white retouching in this situation will help remove unnecessary bright shades and unnecessary details. It will add contrast, shape, tone, and shadows to the photos.

Portrait. Black and white portrait retouch is one of the most difficult kinds of photo editing because we are dealing with the color of the skin. However, black and white photos can help hide skin imperfections, because shades of gray can clearly convey redness. It is very important to give the skin the right texture and not make it too light or too dark.

Street Photography. The most important aspects of black and white street photo editing are emphasizing all details of street objects, highlight city lights and cars.

Architectural Photography. Shape, texture, contrast, and tone are the basic elements in black and white architectural image editing. Black and white photography will emphasize not only the building itself but also the lighting and location of this building.

Abstract Photography. Sharp transitions from dark to light tones will make any abstract picture unforgettable. B&W retouching perfectly copes with this task.

Wedding Photography. Mysteriousness, understatement, the play of light and shadows are the main keys to understanding what black and white wedding photography is. In black and white photography, the texture, contrast and light accents are in the foreground. Without being distracted by bright colors, the viewer fully focuses his/her attention on what is depicted in the picture, connects his/her imagination, plunges into the atmosphere and lets himself/herself through the moment sealed in the photo. Black and white photo is preferable for capturing emotional moments. The fewer colors you will see, the easier it is to think about the plot of the photo itself.

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Our Clients Use Black and White Photo Retouching Services When They Need:

  • • Improve the quality of photos with poor contrast;
  • • Get rid of various defects and stains on the photo;
  • • Restore old portrait shots;
  • • Add a style to the picture and realize creative ideas;
  • • Make photo vintage.

Why B&W Retouching Job at FixThePhoto?

FixThePhoto retouching service works since 2003. We are good both for large companies and organizations that publish thousands of photos day by day and for people who want to edit only several photos a day. A team of creative, talented and passionate photo retouchers provides the best service and satisfies all the needs and desires of all types of clients.

If you are dreaming of photo retouching jobs from home, you can get the job of your dream here at FixThePhoto.  Just show your creativity and become a part of our team. Do not hesitate and send us your resume with a portfolio.

We have all opportunities for those who want to work in an inspired environment, and to get the confidence that their work will be valued at a high level.

B&W Retouching Job Requirements

  • • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Digital Design, Fine Art or a related field
  • • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS5/6 and Adobe Bridge
  • • Excellent understanding of digital photography and photo retouching
  • • Ability to interpret and execute even the most complicated customer instructions
  • • Compliance with all customer deadlines providing qualitative work
  • • Experience in working in a Mac-based environment
  • • Strong organizational skills and an ability to pay attention to the smallest details
  • • Color correction experience, knowledge of studio photography, street style photography, abstract photography, portrait photography, wedding photography and so on.
  • • Experience with B&W photography
  • • Ability to multi-task
  • • Ability to study quickly and to be able to follow necessary directions

FixThePhoto retouching service offers online photo editing jobs from home to all employees regardless to their race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status or any other protected characteristic.

If you are a self-motivated team player, you think outside the box and you can do your best to improve workflow and the company, you can take a worthy place in our team.

B&W Retouching Job Responsibilities

  • • B&W photo retouching
  • • Digital color correction
  • • Resizing of images and graphics within Adobe Photoshop
  • • Edit and process the minimum number of daily assets given by the direct manager
  • • Creation of digital image composites for online packages
  • • Candidate must be able to perform this task repetitively, consistently, and accurately
  • • Maintain production of a high volume of images

FixThePhoto Service Suggests 

  • • Competitive compensation
  • • Generous time paid off
  • • Constant high amount of work
  • • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • • Career growth opportunities 
  • • Online photo editing 
  • • Work from home photo retouching jobs

Bonus Points for

  • • Experience working in a marketplace or photography business
  • • 3+ years photo retouching and asset management experience

What do You Need to Send a Resume? 

Fill in the necessary information about you, your previous experiment and be sure to attach examples of your before/after black and white photo retouching works. The better your CV and work examples are, the easier it will be for you to get one of the best photo retouching jobs online.

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B&W Photo Retouching Before and After Examples

Choosing our photo retoucher jobs, you will work both with huge media companies and with amateurs. Due to this, you need to be able to work with photos of all types of quality and made by various types of cameras. Here you can see before/after examples created by our B&W photo retouchers. We need a person with the same level of qualification. Please, show similar examples of your work. We value the photographs in high resolutions: a RAW image and an edited photo.

Video Tutorials about Black and White Photo Retouching

You can look through several tutorials to improve the quality of your work.


Photo Retouching Blog

Follow our blog to be aware of all new trends, techniques, and innovations of image editing jobs. Here you can also find all the news about photography and photo retoucher’s equipment, photo editing softwares and tips for photographers. You will not regret becoming the part of our team.

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