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Advertising Photo Retouching Job

Are you tired of working as a regular photo retoucher or are you looking for positions of photo retouching jobs from home? Then send your resume to get advertising photo retouching job and join the international online company FixThePhoto.

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What is Magazine Photo Retouching?

Advertising is the engine of the trade, and any catchy slogans are always accompanied by memorable pictures, which should at least take the viewer's eye for several seconds. Our service works hard to create amazing shots to attract customers of all ages, genders, and interests, evoking admiration, surprise or any other emotions. To get admirable pictures for newspapers and magazines, websites and online stores, you need a professional retoucher, who knows his craft well.

Advertising photo retouch is a set of actions aimed at correcting the original image and giving it greater effectiveness, visual appeal, and the capability and attract attention in order to sell goods and services. Advertising photo retouching job presupposes the improvement of the imperfections of photography, preparations for printing and the use in various advertising media, for example, on the site, in advertising booklets or on outdoor advertising. Professional retoucher must have the sense of proportion, color, and a delicate taste.

If you believe that you meet all the requirements and want to experience the peculiarities of remote photo retouching jobs then go on reading to find out more information.

Advertising Photo Retouching Services

We are famous for the top quality of our services and we really value our reputation, so everybody, who is dreaming about freelance retouching jobs in our company, ought to understand that slovenly participation is unacceptable for us.

Every professional retoucher should be able to eliminate the defects of the depicted objects, perform the correction of colors, change the background, make light improvements, remove unnecessary parts of the object, change shapes or conduct any other actions in order to make the image good-looking. All our photo editor jobs are meant for employees who are ready to carry out the work accurately and timely.

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Our clients use magazine photo retouching services when they need:

  • • Make a photo more stylish, attractive, and bare of all defects.
  • • Improve the stature and complexion of the model by amending the make-up, removing flaws of the skin, etc.
  • • Upgrade the main characteristics of the picture: sharpness, contrast, brightness, white balance, etc.
  • • Clean the background or replace it.
  • • Give the images a professional look.

The result of FixThePhoto's work is, as a rule, a certain number of professionally edited pictures that correspond to the given style and are of high aesthetic value. So, a photo retoucher needed must demonstrate more than the basic knowledge and experience, but the desire to create selling photos.

Why Magazine Retouching Job at FixThePhoto?

We take care not only of our clients but for the staff as well. Our company provides the most convenient conditions for those, who look for online photo editing jobs without investment. We have been perfecting our service for 15 years and continue doing it every day. That’s why, we need smart, courageous and ambitious employees for photo retouching jobs online.

We work in a remote jobs format and we hire professionals from any country and pay them a competitive Photoshop retoucher salary.

Do you want to bring some new possibilities to life and start a career in the famous American FixThePhoto company? Then carefully read the freelance retoucher job description and start preparing your CV right now.

Magazine Retouching Job Requirements

Not every company indicates in the photo retoucher job description the necessity of higher education, but we need an employee with a diploma in the following areas: Web Design or Digital Design, Fine Arts and other related fields. In case, you have an impressive track record, the requirement of a bachelor's diploma for a remote photo retoucher jobs is of less importance.

The performer of the photo editing jobs from home must know how to work in the Mac-based environment and such programs as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. In fact, the advertising photo retouching job is impossible without this knowledge.

The client can set absolutely different tasks for creating an advertising masterpiece, so the editor ought to approach the issues with taste, wit, and understanding of the genre peculiarities. Any order must be prepared strictly in time.

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As a potential employee, your personal qualities, such as perseverance, attentiveness, tolerance, readiness for multi-tasking, diligence and the desire to learn, will be important for us while making a choice. The purpose of any work with photographs that we carry out is to make tasty advertising images. Therefore, our image editing jobs are based on a comprehensive understanding of all the subtleties of photo post processing.

If you are not afraid of the complexities and pitfalls of the profession, then send us your photo retoucher resume with the attached illustrations.

Magazine Retouching Job Responsibilities:

  • • Follow the execution schedule of the magazine retouching job, which the manager sends you.
  • • Complete the task according to the demands of the client with the demonstration of your creativity and professionalism.
  • • Do fundamental corrections concerning the color, curves, high-end retouching of the models’ skin, perfecting the overall look and composition of the ad picture.

FixThePhoto Service Suggests

Our care for the work quality and an excellent customer service go hand in hand with providing convenient conditions for employees of photo retouching jobs telecommute. Therefore, they are offered a funded retirement account, medical supplies, and defrayable holidays and ample opportunities for building a career in the area of the magazine retouching which is rapidly developing.

Bonus Points for

  • • The successful work in the area of advertising business and marketing.
  • • Sufficient qualification of photo retouching jobs online in the sphere of advertising and related fields of photo post production.

What do You Need to Send a Resume?

We can fully appreciate all your skills and attainments, which are required due to the retouch artist job description when you submit your showpieces. Add to your basic resume some wonderful advertising works, in which you fully reveal your talent, which is a must for an advertising photo retouching job. You can take the source files from our site; it will be more convenient if you upload the results in a RAW format.

We will review your portfolio, and then discuss the photo retoucher hourly rate with you so to make our cooperation fruitful and lasting.

Advertising Photo Retouching Before and After Examples

Reviewing our site, you will find illustrative samples of different remote photo editing jobs. They are created for our clientele, which ranges from famous corporations to regular photographers or advertising agencies and magazines. Having become acquainted with the scale of the produced image manipulations, you will understand that our requirements correspond to a decent digital retoucher salary and the status of an employee of the international online company.

Can you perform the magazine retouching job better and are you ready to demonstrate such impressive results? This position may be your starting point in the advertising photography.

Video Tutorials About Magazine Retouching

As training and educational materials, we offer potential candidates for image editing jobs to view interesting video content that is aimed at honing the skills and rubbing up the knowledge of the photography.

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Photo Retouching Blog

Do you want to learn how to take pictures, using iPhone professionally or learn the niceties of picture editing in Photoshop? Would you like to read the tips on how to become a professional photo retoucher or just find a dose of inspiration? Visit our blog and read articles where you will get lots of useful information about image post production and business development.


Photo Retouching Freebies

We developed a whole collection of free necessary tools for performing work from home photo retouching jobs, which anyone can use. To download your favorite set of presets, actions or textures, you do not need to go through a long registration. So, use them in your work or while preparing a creative task to get our interesting magazine retouching job.

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